Panchamahabhuta Sadhana

Explore the five great elements

Instructor: Prasad RangnekarLanguage: English

Program Highlights

Are You Curious About The Deeper Mystery Of Life?

Panchamahabhuta Sadhana is a transformative course that explores the five elements of nature and teaches you how to balance and harmonize them within yourself. Discussion on various ancient practices, this course delves into the profound wisdom of the Panchamahabhutas - earth, water, fire, air, and space, to help you connect deeply with the universe and harness the power of these elemental forces for spiritual growth and wellbeing.

It's time we all embrace the truth that "human intelligence isn't separate from nature's intelligence and that living a happy, healthy, and balanced life is about living in harmony with Pancha Mahabhuta".


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Panchamahabhuta Sadhana

Chapter 2 - Prithvi Tattva (Earth Element)
Chapter 3 - Jala Tattva (Water Element)
Chapter 4 - Agni Tattva (Fire Element)
Chapter 5 - Vayu and Akasha Tattva (Air and Space Element)


What do we offer

Guided Learning with Yoga Masters

Study under the guidance of accomplished yoga masters from India, committed to a lifelong journey of drugless healing.

Structured Curriculum

Our curriculum, meticulously crafted by yoga and ayurveda experts, ensures an optimal learning journey, allowing you to seamlessly integrate newfound knowledge into your practice.

Community Engagement and Networking

Participate in live programs and dynamic Q&A sessions, fostering a sense of community and providing valuable networking opportunities.

Learn from Seasoned Experts

Benefit from carefully curated programs by experts with over a decade of experience in teaching, healing, and personal practice.

Evaluate Your Progress / Self-assessment Test

Conduct self-assessment through quizzes and live tests, actively applying and tracking your performance based on the acquired knowledge.

Attain Certification / Get Certified

Experience a profound shift in your daily practices through the knowledge gained in this program. Check for certification.

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